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21 reasons why I think everyone should try Linux #

Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer

When I go on holiday, I often end up at one or more used bookstores. I always find a good book I've been meaning to read, and I always justify the inevitable purchase by saying, "I'm on vacation; I should treat myself to this book." It works well, and I've acquired some of my favorite books this way. Yet, like so many traditions in life, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. In reality, I don't need an excuse to buy a good book. All things being equal, I can do it any time I want. But having a reason does seem to make the process more enjoyable, somehow.

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4 steps to customizing your Mac terminal theme with open source tools #

4 different color terminal windows with code

Do you ever get bored with seeing the same old terminal window on your macOS computer? If so, add some bells and whistles to your view with the open source Oh My Zsh framework and Powerlevel10k theme.

This basic step-by-step walkthrough (including a video tutorial at the end) will get you started customizing your macOS terminal. If you're a Linux user, check out Seth Kenlon's guide to Adding themes and plugins to Zsh for in-depth guidance.

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Hacker News

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Open Source For You

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The Role of Machine Learning in Networks and Network Security #


Machine learning (ML) focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it for further learning. In this era of automation, due to the great success of artificial intelligence, ML is being integrated into almost everything. In this article, we will see how ML is solving the problems of complex networks […]

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