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https://xkcd.com/ [humor]

Neural Articles and Issues

http://www.neural.it [actualidad]


https://www.booooooom.com [miscelánea]


https://opensource.com/frontpage [código-abierto]

What open source is not #

Open here.

From its early days, the availability of source code was one of the defining characteristics of open source software. Indeed, Brian Behlendorf of the Apache web server project, an early open source software success, favored "source code available software."

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How to measure the health of an open source community #

metrics and data shown on a computer screen

As a person who normally manages software development teams, over the years I’ve come to care about metrics quite a bit. Time after time, I’ve found myself leading teams using one project platform or another (Jira, GitLab, and Rally, for example) generating an awful lot of measurable data. From there, I’ve promptly invested significant amounts of time to pull useful metrics out of the platform-of-record and into a format where we could make sense of them, and then use the metrics to make better choices about many aspects of development.

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Brain Pickings

https://www.brainpickings.org [creatividad ,miscelánea]

Open Culture

http://www.openculture.com [cultura-abierta]

Hear Glenn Gould Sing the Praise of the Moog Synthesizer and Wendy Carlos’ Switched-On Bach, the “Record of the Decade” (1968) #

Glenn Gould made his name as a pianist with his stark, idiosyncratic interpretations of the music of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, and especially Bach. He left behind not just a highly respected body of work in the form of recorded performances, but also a host of strong opinions about music itself and all that culturally and commercially surrounded […]

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Hacker News

https://news.ycombinator.com/ [miscelánea]

CCC Event Blog

https://events.ccc.de [música ,sonido ,interfaces ,congresos]

Mobilfunk auf dem Camp #

English version below. Good news everybody. Wir werden ein eigenes Mobilfunknetz auf dem Camp aufbauen! Es wird 2G und 3G Netz wie auf dem Congress geben, sowie experimentell ein 4G Netz. Unser Mobilfunknetz wird dabei Daten und Sprachdienste anbieten. Für Sprachdienste werden wir das POC Netz benutzen, sodass ihr einfach ins DECT und zurück telefonieren […]