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Fluid Radio

https://www.fluid-radio.co.uk [sonido]

Inga #

Through her memoirs, Inga reflects about love, old age and death. We are invited into her home, as she doing her morning rituals and...

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We Make Money Not Art

https://we-make-money-not-art.com [instalationes]

Digicult | Digital Art, Design and Culture

http://digicult.it [actualidad]

4 Tips To Pursue Photography On A Budget #

Pursuing a hobby or a dream career can be challenging if you don’t have a lot of money to splurge on it. Add to that the fact that some hobbies involve equipment that’s usually expensive.  In photography, particularly, you need to have an allocated budget not only for the camera itself, but also for other […]

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https://opensource.com/frontpage [código-abierto]

Replace du with dust on Linux #

Sand dunes

If you work on the Linux command line, you will be familiar with the du command. Knowing commands like du, which returns information about disk usage quickly, is one of the ways the command line makes programmers more productive. Yet if you're looking for a way to save even more time and make your life even easier, take a look at dust, which is du rewritten in Rust with more intuitiveness.

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What is a config file? #

Computer screen with files or windows open

There are thousands of configuration files on your computer. You may never directly interact with the bulk of them, but they're scattered throughout your /etc folder and in ~/.config and ~/.local and /usr. There are probably some in /var and possibly even in /opt. If you've ever opened one by accident or to make a change, you may have wondered why some configuration files look one way while others look completely different.

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Edit text like Emacs in FreeDOS #

Typewriter in the grass

On Linux, I often use the GNU Emacs editor to write the source code for new programs. I learned GNU Emacs long ago when I was an undergraduate student, and I still have the "finger memory" for all the keyboard shortcuts.

When I started work on FreeDOS in 1994, I wanted to include an Emacs-like text editor. You can find many editors similar to Emacs, such as MicroEmacs, but these all take some shortcuts to fit into the 16-bit address space on DOS. However, I was very pleased to find Freemacs, by Russell "Russ" Nelson.

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Brain Pickings

https://www.brainpickings.org [creatividad ,miscelánea]

Hacker News

https://news.ycombinator.com/ [miscelánea]

Open Source For You

https://www.opensourceforu.com []

Robocorp Closes $21 Million Series A Investment Round and Launches Robocorp Control Room #

Robocorp Closes $21 Million Series A Investment Round and Launches Robocorp Control Room

Businesses are looking to automate manual tasks and tedious processes for business functions that include HR, IT, finance, data management, customer communications, and IT operations Robocorp is renaming its orchestration platform to Robocorp Control Room, which now offers two deployment options Robocorp, the open-source process automation platform, has closed a $21 million Series A investment […]

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