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Convert Markdown files to word processor docs using pandoc #

If you live your life in plaintext, there invariably comes a time when someone asks for a word processor document. I run into this issue frequently, especially at the Day JobTM. Although I've introduced one of the development teams I work with to a Docs Like Code workflow for writing and reviewing release notes, there are a small number of people who have no interest in GitHub or working with Markdown.

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How to advance your career by contributing to open source projects #

Shaking hands, networking

My 16-year-old son, Prahlad, just walked into our apartment. "What did he say???" I ask. "He said 'Yes'."

Understated, playing it cool, like many teenagers do with their parents. But I know he's deeply excited, and probably a little bit scared. He just got a gig working at the tabletop and role-playing game store in the building next to our apartment block in Brisbane, Australia.

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Getting started with Source-to-Image for building container images #


Source-to-Image is an excellent tool for building container images for applications in a fast, flexible, and reproducible way. Usually abbreviated as S2I, Source-to-Image takes a base "builder" image with all the libraries and build tools needed to compile an application or install dependencies (like Python's PIP or Ruby's Bundler) and a set of scripts in predefined locations that are used to build, test, and run the application.

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Turning destructive arguments into productive dialog #

Chat bubbles

I loved having debates with my uncle. We'd debate a wide range of issues, but I'll always remember one debate in particular.

On this issue, we had very different opinions. I mentioned to him that no matter how different our opinions were, he couldn't insult me. He didn't agree, so I asked him to try.

"OK," he said. Then he started calling me names and swearing at me.

After each statement he made, I'd just respond by saying, "Why do you say that?" or "I don't understand your point. Could you clarify it?"

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