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Customize your Linux desktop with FVWM #

Coding on a computer

The FVWM window manager started out as modifications to TWM, back in 1993. After several years of iteration, what emerged is an extremely customizable environment where any behavior, action, or event is configurable. It has support for custom key bindings, mouse gestures, theming, scripting, and much more.

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Lessons learned from programming in Go #

Goland gopher illustration

When you are working with complex distributed systems, you will likely come across the need for concurrent processing. At Mode.net, we deal daily with real-time, fast and resilient software. Building a global private network that dynamically routes packets at the millisecond scale wouldn’t be possible without a highly concurrent system.

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Italian job: Translating our mission statement in the open #

Yellow arrows going both ways with texture

At Red Hat, part of my job is to ensure that company messages maintain their meaning and effectiveness in my native language—Italian—so that customers in my region can learn not only about our products and services but also about our organizational values.

The work tends to be simple and straightforward. But in an open organization, even the tasks that seem small can present big opportunities for learning about the power of working the open way.

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